Big Luxury Lamp - Interior design

Italian company Gallery Vetri d’Arte offers a big collection of elegant lamps, mostly in traditional style. Recently Gallery Vetri d’Arte has presented a new ceiling lamp, which has been named Elysee. This charming lamp is designed by Marina Toscano and entirely made of high quality Murano glass. Light of six bulbs reflects from crystals of different shapes and makes this lamp a luxury decoration

Overflowing Bathtubs - interior design

Luxury is characterised by refined abundance in these fabulous bath interiors from Kasch. Gorgeous bath design ideas are in evidence, all boasting amazing Kasch products - the overflowing bathtubs. Have you ever drunk sake from a wooden ‘masu’ cup? Proximity to other water features, such as ponds, lakes, or simply water channels filled with flowering water plants re-emphasise the importance of

Interesting Kitchen Elements

This Euromobil design introduces new functional elements to the contemporary kitchen. Along with a combination of strong steel and warm wood, the Filanta design highlights versatility and functional imagination. An island can sometimes create lost space in a kitchen, but why not add a bench to island – creating an attached breakfast bar in the centre of the kitchen. The Filanta kitchen by

Earthy loft bedroom

A loft bedroom with a modest eastern design, that invites you to walk barefoot along the tile. The tile, reminiscent of earth, clay or stone, is set in a pattern of smaller squares that appear to frame the room and frame the bed. The wood beams of the gable create a natural and breathtaking expanse of ceiling and space that is timeless and forever a striking view. This collection, created by

Villa Sienna family room

Family room of Villa Sienna, Alliance Children’s Theatre Christmas House, inspired by an 18th century Tuscany villa, built in Atlanta by Beecham Builders, LLC and designed by Harrison Design Associates.

infinite living room design

This is not your standard sofa set – it's interior design inspiration from Kube by Linea Italia. For living room design ideas, Kube is your all-in-one modern design essential for thousands of ideas to transform your home into your own private customized playground. Designed by Italy’s ZeroTreArchitetti, the modular design of Kube lets you put the pieces together as you please, using the